• SME Alliance

    Alliance of many SME associations and groups. Current SME groups are located at Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China.


  • For SME Associations

    If you have an association with more than 100 SME members, your app (if you don't have, we will provide one) may access our Global Profile Database through API. Your SME members may publish their company profile and products in the Global Profile Database. They may also search the Global Profile Database for strategic partners.


  • Data Privacy

    SME has to sign up with one of the listed SME Associations and use the selected SME Association app or website to access the Global Profile Database. SME only publish profile and product data uploaded by themselves. No other information is collected and saved to respect the privacy of all member data and association data.


  • Find Your Partner

    After logging to the association app (which is integrated to SME Alliance), members can select country, find suppliers and service providers.


  • Advertise Yourself

    Each SME may create a profile about your company, your products and your services. Other SMEs will find your profile and contact you directly.


  • How do I start?

    Just contact us below and we will help you get started



These are the member associations:

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Ready Affiliate

Global Roomz

Thai FED


All the association apps can be linked to SME Alliance Global Profile Database. Users can add their profile to the database and can find other SME profiles too. This feature allows SME member to find strategic partners and contact them directly.

Another feature of SME Alliance allows SME members to find and select eCommerce site to publish their products in the fastest, quickest and most effective way.

Software Development Service

Loyalty programs
Wallet systems
Payment systems
Mobile apps
Deliver on time, on schedule.
Product is delivered according agreed specification.
Development costs are managed as per budget.

B2B and B2C Promotion Services

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) targeting international consumers, except China.
Wechat promotion targeting China consumers.
B2C websites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.
B2B portals targeting China and South East Asia countries.
B2B and B2C display shelves in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
B2B and B2C display shelves in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
SEM (outside China), Platforms (International), Live broadcast (China only), Display shelves (International)

Logistic Services

Air freight, Sea freight, Land freight (cross border)
Setup stage
Drop shipping
Import services (Customs handling), Export services (Customs handling)

Product Sourcing Services

United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

eCommerce Consultation

Planning stage
Setup stage
Marketing stage
Joint Venture stage