Distribution Business

What is SITE1?

SITE1 is an online portal that has admin site and member site. In SITE1, there are many functions, like Product List, Distributor List, Online Purchase, Purchase Clearance and many other functionality.

SITE1 for Distribution Business

Business merchants can use SITE1 to track online orders and update distributor fees.

Merchant (your customer) can enable distributor-access-only product catalog.

The distributors can make orders using the shopping cart in the online product catalog. All orders are recorded in the Purchase Order database. Distributors can also view the status and history of those orders.

Merchant can check the outstanding orders (orders that has not confirmed receipt of payments and not yet completed its delivery yet) in the Purchase Clearance function in the Admin site. When payment has been received AND delivery has been completed, then merchant can change the status of the order to "Delivered", which means it is no longer outstanding.

The Merchant can create a list of products which is automatically published in the Product catalog. In each product detail, the merchant can also set the commission to be issued to the distributor when the order is cleared in the Purchase Clearance function (described above). The payout to eWallet is instance and is always correct. Therefore reducing human errors and delays.

Each distributor has an eWallet which consists of balance and transaction history (to display the detail). Distributor can login to the distributor site to check the eWallet balance and view the transaction history anytime. This creates confidence to new distributors and reduce the call-in to check the outstanding balances due to the distributor. The ease of checking the sales by distributor will create a comfort zone that helps the merchant maintain the distributor loyalty, as other competitors do not have such a system.