• BulkOrderNow.com

    To Suppliers: Upload your products here.  Our target market are distributors, resellers and retailers.  No consumers.  Once your product catalog is ready, you can publish your products to multiple B2B clients.

    To B2B Buyers: Procuring for your store?  Find the products online in BulkOrderNow.com.  You can also combine order for better discount.  And your can link your website or app to your private catalog through API.

    To Consumers: Please visit ShopForReal.com, Asia2Buy.com, Shopee app, Lazada.com, Tokopedia.com, Taobao.com.  BulkOrderNow.com is not for you.


  • ShopForReal.com

    To Consumers: Are you worried when you place an order in a normal eCommerce platform?  Will they deliver?  Is the product quality acceptable? When will the product arrive?  Are you afraid of scams when you purchase online?  The risk is certainly there, when the eCommerce platform that you buy from accepts sellers who do not have a shop or a stall in the first place.  In ShopForReal.com, all sellers owns a shop or a stall, or at least they owned one before the pandemic striked.  Our sellers are REAL SHOPs and REAL STALLS.  So you can shop with confidence.  You can pick up (and pay) the purchases from the shop or stall yourself.

    To Shop Owners: Discover the world of online marketing with ShopForReal.com.  Let us build your online presences, market your product online (SFR & SFR Live) and offline (SFR Display Shelves & SFV Vending).


  • Ready Affiliate

    To Affiliates: Earn referral fees properly using the Ready Affiliate platform.  Promote approved campaigns and create a steady source of income.

    To Advertisers: Promote your products and services with an unlimited sales force, unlimited advertising space.  You control accurately marketing budgets and target market to achieve your marketing strategies.


  • TravelFrenz.com

    Best loyalty card you can get.  Members can collect points, get discounts, receive rebates and free entries.  VIPs are entitled to lounges, additional air miles, discounts in 5 star hotels and insurance.  Get your TravelFrenz card from your local travel agency.  


  • SFR Display Shelves

    To Brand Owners: Promote your products through our SFR Display Shelves.  Clients can touch, hold, smell, weigh and try your products, in hotel lobbies and cafes.  Scanning the QR code displayed next to your product, the client can browse all your products and place an order.


  • SFR Live

    To Shop Owners and Brand Owners: Introduce your product, your offers, your shop, your company through live presentation.  We help you prepare for the whole exercise.  See the results.  Do again.  See better results.  And you keep improving.  Because online marketing is the future.  And Live engagement is the most effective online marketing there is.  Start now.  Sell online like you sell offline.  But you need to know the technique, the tools and the strategies.  Join us now.



Launched several products which is readily available to the clients and consumers.

Bulk Order Now


Ready Affiliate

Global Roomz


Pay Switch


Looking to improve conversions, minimise costs or optimise risk, our dedicated relationship managers can help you achieve your goals.

Software Development Service

Loyalty programs
Wallet systems
Payment systems
Mobile apps
Deliver on time, on schedule.
Product is delivered according agreed specification.
Development costs are managed as per budget.

B2B and B2C Promotion Services

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) targeting international consumers, except China.
Wechat promotion targeting China consumers.
B2C websites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.
B2B portals targeting China and South East Asia countries.
B2B and B2C display shelves in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
B2B and B2C display shelves in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
SEM (outside China), Platforms (International), Live broadcast (China only), Display shelves (International)

Logistic Services

Air freight, Sea freight, Land freight (cross border)
Setup stage
Drop shipping
Import services (Customs handling), Export services (Customs handling)

Product Sourcing Services

United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

eCommerce Consultation

Planning stage
Setup stage
Marketing stage
Joint Venture stage